Monday, 4 July 2011

:: A special Poem dedicated to Ajeeq for early Birthday wishes ::

A One-year-old child is so many things

A tiny discoverer of butterfly wings,
A hugger of Teddies,
A sweet sleepyhead,
& someone to dream 4 in bright years ahead...

A very special one

A nice kind of day
For treats and lots of fun...
From the time you get up
Till you go nighty night

A year has gone so quickly
Yet we have learned so much...

My little darling it feels like yesterday you were born,

Oh, how the year have come and now your one,
You fill my heart with joy and laughter,
I will never 4get when ummie changed ur first diaper,
The cooing & night cries will forever be a close memory,
But most of all you are my forever destiny!

Little boy today you're one

No longer a baby as your character comes out
We know you're around, as you scream & shout

Bcoz today's your 1st Birthday

& you're so special too,
Everything that's happy,
Is being wished for you.
Have a lovely day my son… Ummie LOVE u sooo muchhhh

Ummie n Bpk Luv ajeeq so mucch!!! mmmwaahhhh

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