Thursday, 24 March 2011

Big Familiez

All are Abique & Ajak both family side~  (,"")
capture gamabr gambar ini semasa fam holiday....

@ Genting Higlands Theme Park

@Cameron Higlands Teh Boh Cafe en Plantation

Friday, 18 March 2011

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Lil AjeeQ's Pict Edited

Juz edit an ajeeq pict.

Ajeeq's diffrent faces from newBorn till current ;p!!!

Day 1, 2, & 3

Happy 3rd years of our Anniversary 08.03.11

Today are my 3rd years of married with my beloved Mista Abdul Razak Abdul Mubin.

Known each other : 11 years

1st date : years 2000

Engaged : years 2006

Married : 08.03.08

Miscarriege : years 2009

Got new Bby  : 05.07.2011 (Abdul RazeeQ Abdul Razak)

My engagement day

thankz to joe photography

on my Nikah Day 08.03.08

Malam Berinai

Malam Berinai n official husband n wife!

Outdoor Shooting 09.03.08

My Family Side

My Hubby Site

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

T3 Tutorial

Last Saturday was Tutorial 3 that i'm attended to OUM class... It was good to be student again but my mind now are a bit crack and karatz heheheheh due to few years left from study.

There was only 2 classes, the 1st class at 8.15 a.m subject is INTRODUCTION OF MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY (CBMT2103) was teach by En Zainudin , he was graduate in Diploma & Degree from UPM and full time as lecturer at there too. Now he also doing his PhD at OUM, very good and cool lecturer, and since that day was only me alone was come to class and others was not show up thus En Zainudin and me having cit cat bout his experience and  share of  his traveling story. He already went to London , Beijing , Manila, Jogjakarta, and etc...many more place can't remember all and last but not least to Jakarta and Bandung that make me like to know more...hehehehehe ,And now i'm become love to travelling too (I wish if i have more money) ehehehehe.. class dismiss at 10.30 a.m

2nd class at 10.30 a.m subject is SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN (CBAD2103)  was teach by En Mohammad he's very a bit strict but i like the way his teach me, he will surely explain and brief if i'm still can't catch up....and he will explain in simple example till i can understood of what he said on this subject. (Head oledy dizzy lo...) heheeeheh at his class the spacial word that he like to say was : ("SYNTAX") it means error take by word in program language. And the way his speak in English very fluent like orang UK slang..hehehehe Al-maklum he was graduate and study in UK last time and maybe he still not marry yet i think ler coz  he never spoke bout family only friend je. heeeheeh also he did told me that he never use the Mc Donald drive-thru (OMG!) besides to order the menu he will ask his friend to order for him kakakakaaak ( i laugh silently) and create many computer program in his work place UNIMAS (full time as a lecture) now he also doing PhD as part time hmmm very average age around 30's i guess already get enough for degree..tu pun semput..another 3 years to finish...such a long time to go huh'....clas dismiss at 12.30 p.m

Travel trip with Family

Will cross over to others country InsyaAllah sooonest..juz fews months to go eehehehehehhe...

- 1st preparation : Hotel Booking  (Done)

- Itinerary : Almost complete but still got something to be correct...keep Google ppls blog of that place for
  shopping and food..

- Flight ticket :For 6 Adult + infant (Still KIV due to some ppl still did not pay at Ketua Rombongan to Miss Ita)

Hope all the preparation and plan will go smoothly at that time...