Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Happy 3rd years of our Anniversary 08.03.11

Today are my 3rd years of married with my beloved Mista Abdul Razak Abdul Mubin.

Known each other : 11 years

1st date : years 2000

Engaged : years 2006

Married : 08.03.08

Miscarriege : years 2009

Got new Bby  : 05.07.2011 (Abdul RazeeQ Abdul Razak)

My engagement day

thankz to joe photography

on my Nikah Day 08.03.08

Malam Berinai

Malam Berinai n official husband n wife!

Outdoor Shooting 09.03.08

My Family Side

My Hubby Site


~LeeyanaRadhi~ said...

semoga berbahagia hga ke akhir hayat yea kak iqa n broajak... PIS!... :p

All about Abique,Ajak & Lil AjeeQ said...

TQ Oleen... to oleen juga...; )