Monday, 23 May 2011

Lil AjeeQ

Xde ape nak buat bored weekand Ajak lak xblk minggu nie so ummie edit gbr2 ajeq taken everywhere we chill-out..hehehee
whenever we going to Jusco Equine, Ajeeq will get in ride this lil control sport car his most favorite n he's not even scare...  but will cry-out n shout after the 5mins time has finished....and have to add up another 5mins again... Ajeeq - ajeeq..

choky-choky most favorite jugak to make him silent n calm... ; )

Ajeeq now is lil bug...heeeeheehe cute boyladybird costume ahaks!

with diff face boyladybird ngeeeeee....

these pic taken when we took Ajeeq hang-out to Sungei Wang Metrojaya with Uda huhuuuhu..

Pic from Left no 1: Rappers lil Boy 2: Boyladybird 3: Al-Ustaz to be in Masjid Al-Mizan Putrajaya ehehhhh...

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